About LJK Consult

Lowell Kay

To successfully deploy broadcast technology, it requires an understanding of the client’s vision and specific requirements, coupled with industry expertise. This is no easy task, especially in our always evolving world.

Lowell Kay has over 20+ years in the Broadcast and Post production space. Starting with DR Rawstock, which specialized in the purchase and sale of motion picture raw film stock, he expanded and rebranded the company to compete within the new digital acquisition and post production climate. The company became the DR Group and focused on Final Cut Pro sales, education, systems integration and development of new products that centered around FCP solutions. 

Through a BSE certificate course, he began his education in Broadcast Engineering. This basis in video signal technology, coupled with an acute understanding of IT and Project Management has led him to be a leader in the Broadcast industry. His services have been successfully deployed at many of the top broadcast providers/stations including: 







Sinclair Broadcasting Group

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